Our mission

Educate the world about cryptocurrencies

We understand that for people to better learn about cryptocurrencies we need the right incentives. When a person is holding coins of a specific project we facilitate better community engagement that helps advance the education curve. 

‍With projects being launched every month, even for crypto OG’s it is hard to follow the functionality of each project and what makes it different from other projects.

This is why we thought of a unique way to educate and externalize the uniqueness of each crypto project through avatars, magics, videos and tasks generated by the foundations.

About the company

We build it to give back to the crypto space

Cryptocurrencies changed our lives in many ways and we believe that adoption is still far and it’s the younger generation who is going to build and create the change.

Being involved in the crypto space since 2011 we found that the perception around crypto outside of the crypto community needs to turn positive and we wanted to find a way to teach the youngest generation and millennials how exciting cryptocurrencies are, using a fun game that is easy to play.

Our Team

Doctor Strange
Captain Marvel
Iron Man