Build Your Crypto House

Foundations and crypto community leaders can now add their crypto network and join the waiting list as a new house in the game.


Why You Should Have Your Own House?

Educating people about your blockchain or network is not an easy task, we offer a unique way to educate and build your community while having fun.

Your own avatars that tell your story

Your own magics and network/blockchain powers that educate its unique features

Your own house page (in the game and website)  where players watch videos and do things you want them to do to earn rewards, new avatars, and level upgrades.

Smart Liquidity Distribution

Instead of old faucet mechanisms and other current distribution solutions that are sometimes being used by bad traffic, it’s your opportunity to use a smart tool that rewards the ones who fight for you and take the time to learn about your house.

We are building a community that fights together

Creating a common incentive and goal is the foundation of a team and a community, uplift your community engagement with your current channels such as your Telegram and turn it into an education platform. The community will get excited, check our twitter to follow the excitement and progress.

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